The Company

Abunza is a home Based business for both Spanish and English. It is the first home based business of its kind to profit in both the Spanish and English market.

As an Abunza Member you will have hundreds of online products which includes software, e-books, audio and video in both English and Spanish, on a broad diversity of products. Most of these products are specifically designed to help you with your home based business so you can become very successful. You will have software to submit articles and guides to teach you how to submit videos on You-Tube to get excellent results,advertise on Google and get more visiters to your site.

Compensation Plan

You have two income streams with Abunza:

1. Retail Product Sales – You have 100% resale rights to all the products and you will earn 100% commission on all the products you sell through your online store.Customers can simply come to your Abunza Retail Online store and choose the products they need and pay you directly through a shopping cart for the digital products and you earn 100% commission from every product they buy.

2. Wholesale Product Sales – You will make more money when you wholesale Abunza products.Every time you make a sale of $997 for the complete library of products you will earn $797 on your first level and every time someone on your first level makes a sale of $997 you earn $200. You can even have the Dream Team make your calls and close your deals for you and you will still earn $597 after you pay them their % for closing your sale.

With Abunza you earn money your very first sale. With a two up program you have to pass up your first two sales before you can start making any money and then unfortunately sometimes the sponsor that you will need to coach you does’nt have time for you after your first two sales because you become their direct competition after those two sales and they break away from you. With Abunza, you start earning money your first sale and you can earn commissions from your first level members of $200 when they make their sales.The average person can make money with a 2 teir program like Abunza and become successful.


Although as an Abunza Member you can become very successful, I suggest searching for a home based business that will pay you a “Matching Override Commission” on the sales of your first level members. This way you can leverage your return on investment much better. You can earn much more money on matching override commissions from your first level member sales than only a % of their sales,therefore with fewer team members on your team you can earn more money.


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