I have always believed that when you are able to hear someone’s voice it is the next best thing to meeting them in person and being able to look them in the eye. When I came online it felt odd to not meet any of the people I would be doing business with face to face. Soon I discovered teleseminars, and this is how I was able to connect and build relationships that built my business.

For the next eighteen months I hosted a free call every single week to act as a lead generator and to let my list know that I was there to serve them. The results were nothing short of phenomenal as by business started to take off in a major way. You can do this same exact thing in your online business to model this proven marketing strategy.

I was scared to death when I began doing my own teleseminars, so if you feel the fear coming up know that it is completely normal. I also really couldn’t stand the sound of my own voice when I first began to hear it; within a few months it actually sounded good to me. If you can just get through the first month or two this will feel like an activity in your business that you look forward to.

Make sure there is always something for sale on your free calls. I started out by doing reviews of products and courses I had purchased and benefited from and then recommended them through my affiliate link at the end of the call. Now I create a one page study guide my listeners can download, where I discuss a topic and recommend two or three things at the end in a resource section.

Some of what I recommend is time sensitive, but I always have some evergreen links as well. Sometimes people don’t take action right away and you want to make sure they find what they need – through your link! Also, be sure to add a footer with your name and website so they will remember whose call it was when they review it later on.

In the very beginning I had no live people on my calls. My list was less than a hundred people and I would make up some names and questions to make the calls more interesting. Within a couple of months I was attracting a regular group of people, so I no longer needed to do this.

Remember that you are creating a product each time you host a teleseminar. You can then package up these calls, even though they were free when you originally did them, and sell them as a product. I did this three years in a row and made some excellent income in the process, as well as more income over time as people began to click on my links.

You can also interview others as part of an expert series or to promote their products. Once people begin to hear your voice on a regular basis your business will take off in a big way.


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