Well it’s not! You can really start an inexpensive home based business for even less! It’s called Internet based network marketing. If you’ve heard of offline network marketing you’re probably thinking just how expensive it can be. And it’s true! Traditional network marketing can be ridiculously expensive because you may need to buy and stock your own merchandise which can be hassle especially if your merchandise has an expiration date. With on-line network marketing most of this is taken out of the equation. All you do is direct people to the company website and recruit a down line or make sales.

Yes there are companies that can charge an arm and a leg to get into but there are really good companies that may charge as little a $10 a month to join. That is chump change considering that you have the opportunity to turn around and start building your business and desired level of residual income as soon as you sign up.

If you haven’t heard of residual income, it is income that lets you make a sale or recruit just once and get paid for months and years after the initial sale. Instead of working and trading time for money such as in an hourly job, you do the work once to make that residual income and get your paycheck each and every month thereafter. It’s the type of income you simply must have in order to live in the current economy.

As far as finding which inexpensive home business to get involved with you should definitely look for one that has a low start up cost because it will make it easier when it comes to adding recruits to your own business. How many people are going to join your business if its priced at $200 to join? Not nearly as many if all you have to invest is a measly $40 bucks a month to have your very own full blown business up and running.

Earning potential for these inexpensive home businesses is also a very important factor to keep in mind when choosing which company to go with. Pay plans differ really from company to company but you want to make sure that you join an inexpensive home based business that boasts unlimited income potential. If you don’t you may join a business where you eventually reach a glass ceiling to your monthly income. You want something you can starting building and continue building for the rest of your life if you will it.


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